Professor Malcolm Mitchell

Professor Malcolm MitchellProfessor Malcolm Mitchell currently holds the Chair in Physiology and Animal Welfare at SRUC. He leads a research team studying and modelling the effects of the environment and stress upon livestock. His collaborative research programmes have combined expertise in animal physiology, animal welfare, physiological stress, environmental physiology and engineering and projects have addressed many aspects of animal production, environments, handling, transportation and slaughter. In addition to a focus on animal handling, transport and stress Professor Mitchell has lead key major programmes on the impact of environment and stress upon skeletal muscle development and pathology and the relationship of these factors with meat quality problems in poultry.. He has published widely in all of these fields and has contributed to numerous EU/SANTE/FVO and DEFRA (UK) committees and working parties. The research findings of his group have provided the basis for European and UK Legislation and codes of practice relating to commercial animal production and transport. Professor Mitchell’s work has involved very close collaboration with livestock producers and processors. He has lead and managed more than 30 major Government (Defra), research council and industry funded research projects. He has received a number of prestigious international and national awards for his work and contributions to animal physiology, health and welfare. He currently serves on the BBSRC Panel of Experts (Animal Welfare / animal physiology) and the EFSA Panel of Experts List (Animal welfare / animal transport). He was a member of the European Food Safety Authority Working Group on the Welfare of Animals during Transport (2010). He also serves as an invited member of the DEFRA Wider Awareness Groups or the Evidence Groups and Expert Groups on Ruminants, Pig and Equidae issues (Transport and EC 1/2005 groups) and is a nominated expert (witness), advisor and consultant to Defra Legal and Trading Standards Offices (Animal Welfare and Transportation). Previously he has been an invited member of the European Food Safety Authority Working Group on the Welfare of Animals during Transport (2003) and joint author of the European Commission Report “Welfare of Animals during Transport” (2004). Also have served on the European Food Safety Authority Working Group on the Microclimate (during transport) 2003/4. He is currently (2017)a member of the team producing new Guides to Good Practice for Animal Transport supported by DG SANTE. Professor Mitchell is a frequent invited speaker at International Conferences delivering plenary relating to animal health and welfare. In addition he leads also key Public Engagement activities on behalf of SRUC involving major public events providing insight and understanding of the role of science in animal health and welfare. These events include Science Festivals, public lectures, school and college open days and short courses for the public and MOOCs. Professor Mitchell has worked in close collaboration with the industry and competent authorities in a number of countries around the world including many EU member States, Canada, the USA, South Africa and South America. He acts as an advisor and consultant to a range of companies in a number of countries with a view to improving transport practices, resources and vehicles to ensure optimisation of animal health, welfare and productivity.

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